Single Dosing Hopper SDH with Silicone Bellows for Eureka Mignon

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If you want to get the freshest possible coffee powder out of your Eureka Mignon, you won't be able to get around a Single Dosing Hopper. 

Conventional hoppers have a lot of space to store beans. There they are not hermetically sealed, exposed to the environment and lose their valuable flavors. Storing the beans in an airtight and light-protected container is strictly recommended to keep the volatile flavors in the bean for a long time.

Each portion of coffee beans should be weighed individually and fed into the grinder.
Since each grinder has an individual amount of dead space inside, that same amount is also filled with coffee powder. Often the same mass of coffee does not come out as was put in. This can become a problem when preparing recipes accurately. After several uses, this dead space is filled with coffee powder and becomes less of a problem. However, this filling is not permanent and can also be displaced into the fresh grind with each grind.

To get around these problems, there is the finecoar Single Dosing Hopper SDH with Silicone Bellows. A single portion of coffee beans can simply be filled into the hopper and after the grinding process is finished, the inside and the grinding discs can be blown out with the bellows. This ensures that the same amount of ground coffee comes out again. Together with the Tilted Base from finecoar (available in the store) an optimal grinding result can be achieved.


Size: 126mm/5" in height from the base of the grinder

High quality matte PLA 3D printing with the highest requirements for aesthetics
Flexible and durable silicone bellows
Haptic and attractive aluminum cover

Care instructions
Wash with lukewarm water and gentle soap if needed. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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Single Dosing Hopper SDH with Silicone Bellows for Eureka Mignon

Single Dosing Hopper SDH with Silicone Bellows for Eureka Mignon

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